the world’s most
energy efficient
spa heater.

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Heating and maintaining water temperature accounts for approximately 85% of your spa’s running cost. Back in 2009, SpaNET recognised that air sourced heat pumps are the most energy efficient method of heating and became the first spa control manufacturer to develop an interface to offer true heat pump integration to a spa pool. For the past decade the SV Series plug-n-play heat pump interface has lead the industry providing instant connection of a heat pump to your spa, slashing heating costs by up to 75% on every single power bill.


Massive PowerSavings

Experience up to 75%
reduction in your heating
cost on every single power
bill. The more you use the
spa the more you save!

$0 Net Cost - Fast
Return on Investment

The electricity savings
repay the investment outlay
resulting in a $0 net cost.
ROI can be as short as 12
months on a swim spa and
2 – 3 years on a spa*

Interfaced to
Spa Control

Dedicated interface for
seamless connectivity to
SV Series spa control.
Finger-tip temperature and
heat pump control from
spa-side keypad

DualcoreHeat or Cool

Automatic heating or
cooling of the spa water
from 10ºC to 40ºC. Heat or
cool your spa depending
on season

Affordable Year Round Spa Use

A SpaNET equipped spa with SV heat
pump costs so little to run you can afford
to leave your spa hot & ready to use 24/7

Faster Heat Up Times

With larger 5.5kW, 8.8kW or 12kW output,
the SV heat pumps can heat your spa
nearly twice as fast as standard heaters

Spa Stays Hot on Cold Nights

Our heat pumps use such minimal power
they can remain on when spa is in use so
you can spa for longer on cold nights

Simple Plug-n-play Installation

Plug-n-play direct cable connection to all
SV spa controls. No additional power
circuits required. Automatic detection
SNHP55_pic (1)
SNHP120_pic (1)-min
SNHP120_back (1)-min
SNHP55_pic (1) SNHP120_pic (1)-min SNHP55_back SNHP120_back (1)-min

Every spa should
have a heat pump

save energy

Save Energy

Slash your spa heating costs by

up to 75% at $0 cost to you

Using technology so your spa costs you less to run

With heating your spa water accounting for around 85% of the total operating cost you want to ensure you have the world’s most efficient heater installed on your spa. By using PowerSmart refrigeration technology our SV Series heat pumps can output more than five times more energy in heat compared to what they consume in electricity, ensuring your spa delivers the lowest possible daily perating cost.

How does it work?

Our heat pumps use refrigeration technology to extract heat from the air (even when cold) and only consume a very small amount of energy to power a fan motor and compressor. When compared to gas or electric heaters our heat pumps use a tiny portion of energy to generate the same amount of heat output, using around 75% less energy than an electric spa heater & 55% less energy than natural gas.
SpaNet Heat Pumps vs Gas

Generate free energy

For every 1 kilowatt of electricity a standard electric heater consumes it only outputs 1 kilowatt of heat. In comparison for every 1 kilowatt of electricity the SV Series heat pumps consume they output up to 5.5 kilowatts of heat, thereby generating up to 4.5 kilowatts of heat for FREE! The higher output 8.8kW and 12kW models generate even larger amounts of free energy.

Power saving offsets cost

When you have a SV heat pump you’re consuming less energy which means smaller energy bills and massive savings on electricity each and every month, saving your thousands for years to come. The money saved on electricity is so significant it will pay for your investment over a short period of time. This means the heat pump has a $0 net cost and is essentially FREE!

Speedy return on investment

With any investment purchase you want to know that it will achieve an excellent return. Installing a heat pump to your spa offers such significant savings your payback period is extremely short. Unlike other renewables, such as solar panels, which take up to 7-10 years just to reach the payback/break-even point, our SV Series heat pumps can return their cost in as little as 12 months for swim spas and within 2-3 years for a medium sized spa. As a guide, using a 5.5kW SV Series heat pump to maintain your spa water at 38ºC all year round will save you around $800-$1,000p.a.* on a medium sized spa, with even greater savings on swim spas. So that is a speedy 2-3 year return on investment (ROI) for spas and even less for swim spas. The more you use your spa, the more heat loss that must be replenished which increases your savings and shortens the ROI period even further.

* Saving is based on comparison between 5.5kW heat pump over a 5.5kW standard spa heater, using a 1500L spa pool, operating for 365 days a year, set to 38ºC at all
times, being used 3-4 times per week for 30 mins, hard cover in place when spa not in use, summer ambient of 22-28ºC and winter ambient of 12-18ºC.

If you don’t install a heat pump your increased outgoing
electricity costs will have paid for the cost of a heat pump
you will never receive

Why pay your energy
provider for a heat pump
you’ll never receive

Eco-friendly technology

Not only do our heat pumps deliver genuine power savings and financial reward to a spa owner, they are an eco-friendly appliance that provide a massive reduction in electricity consumption and significantly lower the carbon footprint of a spa. It’s comforting to know you can save money whilst caring about our world and the environment in which we live.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

SV heat pumps are a low carbon technology that use minimal electricity and utilise renewable heat from the environment to heat the spa water. This reduces your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and helps the environment.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

Utilising R32 or R410A refrigerant SV heat pumps are safe for the environment. Unlike other refrigerants, R32 and R410A do not cause ozone depletion and achieve higher performance with reduced power consumption.

Spa for longer
on cold nights

Not just for swim spas, perfect for small spas too!

Whilst most people recognise that they simply cannot do without the cost saving benefits of a heat pump on a swim spa, many people completely overlook and foolishly do not even consider a heat pump fitted to a smaller spa pool. No matter how small the spa volume is, all of the power saving and cost recovery benefits still apply, and better yet, the heat pump’s minimal power consumption gives you the ability to run the heat pump for heating at full output capacity with all of the jet pumps running, even on a restricted 15A plug-in power supply! Spa for as long as you want, even on cold nights, or use the heat pump to cool the water on hot nights. There is no doubt a heat pump will enhance your spa, delivering a more enjoyable spa experience, all whilst slashing your energy cost.

Affordable year round spa use, keep your spa hot 24/7

Our heat pumps use a tiny portion of energy yet generate a large amount of heat output. So if you have a SpaNET
equipped spa with SV heat pump you can afford to leave your spa hot and ready to use 24/7, 365 days a year, without
any concern about the cost. Enjoy your spa on any day, at any time with affordable year round spa use./p>

Spa stays hot on cold nights

A spa loses the most heat, at the fastest rate, when the cover is off and spa is in use. This is the time where you need
heating the most, however, on most spas the heater switches off when the jet pumps are on to stay within the power
limits, causing your spa to cool down faster than you want. Our heat pumps use such minimal power they can remain
on when spa is in use so you can spa for as long as you like on cold nights without your spa losing temperature.

Typical 15A plug-in spa setup

Typical 32A hardwired spa setupp

Spa heats faster & costs you less

Many spa pools, especially plug-in models have a maximum heater size of 3kW whereas SV heat pumps are 5.5kW or
higher. Even on larger hardwired spas or swim spas with 5.25kW heater, the SV heat pumps outperform with 8.8kW or
12kW of heat output. So with larger 5.5kW, 8.8kW or 12kW output capacity the SV heat pumps will heat your spa nearly
twice as fast. Cut the initial heat up time in half, so to the heat recovery time after each spa use.

15A plug-in spas

32A hardwired spas

Cool your spa in summer

Spa pools are designed to trap and retain heat and most spa controls can only heat the spa water. With no cooling ability, the higher ambient temperatures during warmer months often result in spas being too hot to use. However the SV heat pump interface revolutionises spa temperature control. SV heat pumps not only provide automatic heating of the spa water, but automatic cooling of the spa water as well. Simply set your desired water temperature (from 10ºC – 40ºC) and let the SV heat pump do the rest. Enjoy your spa year round – heat or cool depending on the season.

SV Series Heat Pump Interface

SV Series PowerSmart Heat Pumps are the first heat pumps to offer true integration to a spa pool. There is no separate keypad on the heat pump for adjusting settings, rather they feature a dedicated interface for seamless integration to a SV Series spa control allowing all temperature settings and mode adjustments to be conveniently controlled via the spa side keypad. The heat pump and spa control have been designed to work in synergy. With solid state diagnostics and real time heat pump monitoring the SV series control system correctly looks after every need of the heat pump ensuring long term reliability whilst delivering absolute minimum operating costs.

Automatically heats or cools to
maintain your desired water
temperature (10ºC – 40ºC)

Plug-n-play direct cable
connection – No additional
power circuit required

Convenient heat pump and
temperature control via
spa side keypad

Rapid heat recovery mode:
Heat Pump + SV electric
element boost

Automatic heat pump
detection and disabling of
SV electric element

Correctly sequenced
start-up / shut-down of
heat pump components

Why you should only have an interfaced heat pump


SV Series Interfaced Heat Pump

Generic Non-Interfaced Heat Pump

Automatic heating
and cooling of spa

YES – water temperature will be
automatically maintained to your desired
temperature from 10ºC – 40ºC

NO – standard spa controllers only support
heating and have no ability to cool

adjustment and
heat pump control
from spa side

YES – the SV interface provides convenient
finger-tip control over temperature, heat
pump mode (heat only/cool only/automatic)
and diagnostic information all controlled via
the spa pool’s topside keypad

NO – there is no communication between
spa control and heat pump. Settings can
only be altered from a keypad on the heat
pump which is often installed in difficult to
access locations away from the spa

Rapid heat
recovery mode:
heat pump + SV
electric element

YES – a user adjustable menu option to
activate the SV electric element to run in
conjunction with the heat pump to boost
heating and reduce heat recovery times.
Ideal for when spas are emptied / refilled
or when the water temperature needs to
be raised significantly in a short period

NO – the internal heaters of standard spa
controllers must be disconnected if a heat
pump is installed. The heat pumps are then
usually wired in a questionable
(unapproved/illegal) way to the spa
controllers heater connections

Simple plug-n-play
direct cable
connection to spa

YES – all SV spa controls feature dedicated
data and power sockets for instant
connection of a SV series heat pump. No
additional power circuits are required.
Automatic heat pump detection and
disabling of electric element

NO – standard spa controls have no
provision for a heat pump. A seperate
power supply is required, or the wiring of
the spa control must be modified voiding
product safety approvals. Electric element
wiring must be manually disconnected

sequenced start-
up and shutdown
of heat pump

YES – the SV spa controller manages all
heat pump functions and components. Its
real time monitoring ensures the fan,
valves, defrost elements and compressor
are all switched on and off in the correction
sequence required for reliable heat pump
operation and long term life expectancy.
Low ambient temperatures and defrost
needs are taken into account and dealt
with appropriately

NO – the heat pump will be operating and
the standard spa controller will simply cut
power to it. The heat pump components
are not switched in the correct sequence,
degrading the components through
temperature and pressure spikes, leading
to shortened expected life. Defrost cycles
are cut short or missed completely and any
accumulated run data is lost when the
power is cut off unexpectedly

energy saving

YES – the integrated SV heat pumps
benefit from the powerful energy savings
features of the SV spa control such as
programmable off-peak heating / filtration,
dynamic thermal tuning, away and
weekend operating modes

NO – there is no communication or
programmable ability between the spa
control and the heat pump

Why every spa should have a SV Series heat pump fitted

Reduced electricity bills

Fast return on investment

Affordable year round spa use

Faster heat up times

Spa stays hot on cold nights

Heat and cool your spa

Simple plug-n-play installation

interfaced to spa control

Reduced carbon emissions

Corrosion Resistant

Focused on
energy efficiency

Which size heat pump model is right for you?

SN-HP-55P – 5.5kW SV Series Heat Pump

The SpaNET 5.5kW SV Series heat pump is ideally
suited for spa pools up to 2500L, providing up to
5.5kW of heating output whilst only consuming around
1.1kW of input power.

SN-HP-90P – 8.8kW SV Series Heat Pump

The SpaNET 5.5kW SV Series heat pump is the perfect
companion for all swim spas and larger spa pools
(2500L+), providing up to 8.8kW of heating output
whilst only consuming around 1.65kW of input power.

SN-HP-120P – 12.0kW SV Series Heat Pump

The SpaNET 12.0kW SV Series heat pump is right
choice for all of the larger swim spas (7000L+),
providing up to 12.0kW of heating output whilst only
consuming around 2.2kW of input power.

SV Series Heat Pump Specifications

SN-HP-55P SN-HP-90P SN-HP-120P

  • Input Voltage
  • Hertz / Phase
  • Power Input
  • Current
  • Heating Capacity - A24°C / W27°C*
  • COP - A24°C / W27°C
  • Cooling Capacity - A32°C / W27°C
  • EER - A32°C / W27°CC
  • Compressor Style
  • Compressor Brand
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Defrost Element
  • Refrigerant
  • Water Connection
  • Operating Temperature Range
  • Fan Direction
  • Fan Rotate Speed - RPM
  • Noise - dB(A)
  • Water Flow Volume - m3/hr
  • Net Unit Size - L/W/H (mm)
  • Carton Size - L/W/H (mm)
  • Net / Gross Weight - kg

  • SN-HP-55P
  • 220-240V AC
  • 50Hz / 1
  • 1.1 kW
  • 5.3A
  • 5.6 kW
  • 5.1
  • 4.0 kW
  • 3.5
  • Rotary
  • Toshiba
  • Titanium / PVC
  • Electric
  • R410A
  • 40mm PVC
  • 0°C - 40°C
  • Horizontal
  • 850
  • 49
  • 2.2
  • 960x320x650
  • 1045x455x650
  • 45 / 52

  • SN-HP-90P
  • 220-240V AC
  • 50Hz / 1
  • 1.65 kW
  • 7.8A
  • 8.6 kW
  • 5.2
  • 6.0 kW
  • 3.0
  • Rotary
  • Toshiba
  • Titanium / PVC
  • Electric
  • R410A
  • 40mm PVC
  • 0°C - 40°C
  • Horizontal
  • 850
  • 49
  • 3
  • 960x320x615
  • 1045x455x650
  • 53 / 72

  • SN-HP-120P
  • 220-240V AC
  • 50Hz / 1
  • 2.2 kW
  • 10.8A
  • 12.0 kW
  • 5.5
  • 8.4 kW
  • 3.5
  • Rotary
  • Toshiba
  • Titanium / PVC
  • Electric
  • R410A
  • 40mm PVC
  • 0°C - 40°C
  • Horizontal
  • 950
  • 51
  • 4
  • 980x312x615
  • 1165x430x625
  • 62 / 72