the best featured most energy efficient
spa products in the world.

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PowerSmart Technology

The innovators of PowerSmart Technology

Spa Net designs and manufactures leading edge, high quality electronic spa pool equipment that ensure your spa
costs less to run. Our success arises from developing innovative, PowerSmart products that lead the way in energy
efficiency and advanced features. We produce a suite of products to suit the modern day spa pool or swim spa, so
whether you are purchasing a new spa or upgrading your old one be sure to insist on SpaNET products.

hard at work so your spa costs you less


Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

Spa Net is an Australian
owned and operated
company supporting spa
manufacturers and spa
owners all over the world
Heat Pump Interface

Low Carbon Emission Heating

SV Series interfaced heat
pumps deliver massive
power savings and
dramatically reduce a spa’s
carbon footprint through
low energy consumption

Expert Knowledge & Experience

Our directors have a
combined 75 years industry
experience in the design,
manufacture and supply of
spa controls and
associated equipment

Exceptional Backup Service & Support

Stable product reliability
backed by exceptional
service and after-sales
support. Our support team
is regarded as the best in
the industry

the world’s most energy
spa heater

efficient heating down to -25ºC ambient air.

remote control your
spa from anywhere
in the world


tell your spa what to do,
control your spa by voice


giving you complete control of how spa pack is configured

the small spa control with
the big spa features

unique SmartFlo
wet end technology

energy efficient heating for
non SpaNET equipped swim
spas or swimming pools


make your spa an entertaining experience

stream music to your spa
and control your spa via WiFi

full colour RGB LED lighting
for your spa pool