why press when you
can touch.

simple, user friendly
touch control of your spa.

smarttouch hero image

The innovative SmartTouch touch panel advances spa pool operation into the touch screen era. Stunning 4.3″ full colour display is crisp, clear and easy to read and resistive touch panel allows unhampered operation with wet fingers. The SmartTouch is very simple to use, replicating smart phone style icons and menu operation. Settings have never been easier to adjust and scrolling activity status advises the user what the spa is doing at all times.


Touch Screen

Innovative touch screen
design provides intuitive
user experience and
ensures ease of operation

Large 4.3`` Full
Colour Display

Stunning 4.3″ (110mm) full
colour display is crisp, clear
and easy to read. Large hot
spot areas for reliable
button response

Water Compatible
Touch Screen

Resistive LCD allows
unhampered operation with
wet fingers and water
pooling on screen. Touch
pad gel filled and waterproof

Resistive LCD

Superior viewing angles
with anti-glare, non-
resistive screen. Reduces
fingerprints and easier to
read in bright sunlight

Automatic Brightness

Inbuilt light sensor to automatically adjust screen brightness to suit amb

Configure your spa

Simple to use smart phone style menu operation provides total control over every possible spa configuration setting


Multilingual display

The SmartTouch is a multilingual touch pad supporting English, French, German Dutch and Spanish languages

Retro Fit Compatible

Compatible with all model SV controls and a direct replacement for SV2T/3T/4T pads without needing to adjust cut-out in shell

SVT43_pic-3 (1)
SVT43_pic-3 (1) SVT43_wet_pic-1

using and customising your spa has never been easier

Touch control of
all spa accessories

Large button hot spots ensure simple on/off touch control of single speed jet pumps. For any spa pump, air blower
or LED light that features multiple speeds or modes, user-friendly sub-menus are revealed providing swift,
complete control of that accessory.


simple, single touch
on/off button functionality
for single speed jet

descriptive screens with
buttons and sliders for
complete control of
variable speed pumps
and air blowers


quick and easy control of
lighting mode, colour,
brightness or effect
transition speed

Customise your spa’s operation

The SV Series IntelliSmart software gives you complete control of how your spa pack is configured, via descriptive
easy to use touch screen menus. Choose your desired operating mode – normal, away, weekend; define your
filtration duration, set sleep or power save timers to take advantage of solar or smart meters and much more. There
are a suite of programming options to choose from to ensure every possible need of the spa owner is met.

menu structure

Menu structure

setting adjustment

Setting adjustment

Select your desired language

The SmartTouch is fully featured with multilingual support, so if English is not your native language you can adjust the language setting to one that suits you. The displayed language is easily changed via the descriptive, easy to access settings menu. Select from English, French, German, Dutch or Spanish

Settings menu

Select language

Automatically adjusts screen brightness to suit
ambient light to ensure the screen remains
clear and easy to read in all light conditions.
Bright and vivid in daylight and more subdued
in low light or night time conditions to be gentle
on your eyes.

Experience unhampered, continued operation
no matter how wet your fingers or how much
water splashes on the screen. The SmartTouch
is completely water compatible, in contrast to
capacitive screens which cease working or go
into wipe screen error as soon as any water
droplets pool on the screen.

Full and Partial

The touch screen buttons can be locked to prevent accidental presses or to limit access to certain controller
functions. A full lock disables all buttons, a partial lock allows use of pumps, blower and lights however prevents
adjustment of set temperature and other programmable settings.

full keylock

Full keylock

partial keylock

Partial keylock


The SmartTouch interactively interfaces with our
SmartStream stereo system providing track
information and complete control of your audio
experience allowing adjustment of music source,
volume, play/pause, skip tracks, mute, fader,
balance, treble, midrange, bass and subwoofer.


SmartTouch Touch Screen Specifications


  • Viewable Area
  • Touch Panel Type
  • Screen Type
  • Screen Luminance
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • SVT43
  • 4.3" (110mm)
  • Resistive
  • Full Colour TFT LCD
  • 1000 cd/m2
  • 185 x 100 x 33.5mm