control your spa remotely
from anywhere in the world

and now with voice.

smartlink hero image

The SmartLink WiFi module and SpaLink app allow you to connect to and take control of your spa remotely from any location at any time. The SmartLink module connects to any model SV controller and then uses your home WiFi network to facilitate communication between the app server and the spa. The SpaLink app becomes a mobile, wireless remote for your spa enabling complete control of all settings and accessories including pumps, blowers and LED lights.



Download the SpaLink app
from App Store or Google
Play to take control of your
spa remotely from
anywhere in the world

Wireless Remote
to Spa Accessories

Adjust spa temperature,
turn your pumps or blower
on/off, adjust speeds,
activate LED lights, alter
light modes and more

Configure Spa

Simple to use touch screen
menus provide total control
of all spa settings. Alter
operating mode, filtration
time, sleep timers and more

Voice Control

Link your SpaLink app to
either Amazon Alexa,
Google Assistant or both,
to control your spa by
voice commands
lifestyle choice

control your spa to suit your lifestyle

Your spa’s mobile remote control

Wouldn’t it be nice to control your spa from your couch, or as you head home from a stressful day at work, or as
you walk out of the gym, knowing your spa water is refreshed, at temperature and ready for you to just sink in. The
SmartLink module gives you that convenient, fingertip control to command your spa when you want and how you
want to suit your lifestyle.

Home Screen

Check spa status, adjust set
temperature and activate
one-touch water
clean/sanitise cycle

Control your pumps

Single touch on/off button
functionality for jet pumps or
simple sub menus for multi-
mode/multi-speed pumps

Control your lights

Set the mood with LED
lighting effects, select
mode, effect speed or light

Adjust your spa settings remotely

There is no point consuming energy heating or filtering for long periods on days or times where you will not be
using the spa. Significant power savings can be achieved by adjusting your spa’s settings to suit your usage
patterns. The SmartLink module unlocks these opportunities by giving you fast, simple and convenient access to
configure your spa from anywhere at any time.

Select operating mode

Extend your energy savings
by eliminating unnecessary
heating or filtration when
you are away or only use
your spa on weekends

Set power save mode

Smart meter ready,
programmable timer to take
advantage of off-peak
power tariffs or solar

Adjust filtration time

Adjust your filtration runtime
on demand to suit your
usage pattern and water

Spa status updates
direct to your phone

Push Notifications

Keep informed about the health of your spa with status updates direct to your phone even if the SpaLink app is not open. Push notifications will alert you of any change to the health status of your spa, and the app will clearly describe what the issue is and provide simple steps and solutions to resolve.

Push Notification Alert

Activate notifications to
receive spa health status
updates direct to your

Health Status Information

Clearly describes the cause
or reason for the issue and
offers straight forward
solutions to resolve


Link your SpaLink app to either Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or both, with our MySpaPool voice control skill. Using simple commands such as “Ask my spa pool, set temperature to 39’C” or “Ask my spa pool, start my spa” or “Ask my spa pool, set operating mode to Away” you have complete control of your spa via voice commands.

Spa link global

The SmartLink module provides you with the ability to seek remote technical assistance from anywhere around the globe. If you require assistance and you choose to activate the support PIN within the SpaLink app, you can provide SpaNET or your spa reseller with access to securely login and check or adjust all software settings, control and test your spa accessories, monitor real-time diagnostic information or even data log the spa.

Improves your spa
service experience

Service Technician Tools

Not only is the SmartLink module the perfect accessory for the spa owner, it is a powerful and helpful tool to assist a technician to service a spa. Once accessed, the technician menu provides a fast and convenient method to perform a master software reset to restore factory default settings, or email a Snapshot text file of all SV controller data for offsite analysis. In addition, the Service Information feature interrogates the SV spa control and presents real time and historical diagnostic information in a clear, simple and scrollable menu. So, whether the spa is being serviced onsite, or remotely, the SmartLink module and SpaLink app are an invaluable and must have tool.

Service Menu

Fast and convenient access
to master software reset,
emailing of snapshot data
or diagnostic information

Service Information

Displays pertinent controller
info such as serial number,
software version, dip switch
settings and diagnostics

Real Time & Historic Data

Analyse mains power by
looking up historical or real
time voltage, check heat
pump diagnostics and more

Technician hot spot service

It is possible to run the SmartLink module from a smart phone WiFi hot spot for temporary service. A technician can enhance their onsite service abilities by configuring a SmartLink module to connect to their mobile phone hot spot. Thereafter they can connect that SmartLink module into any SV controller, on any spa, and immediately use the SpaLink Technician Tools for fast diagnostics and easier troubleshooting whilst onsite. In addition, if required, the technician could activate the support pin within the SpaLink app to seek direct remote support from SpaNET.

SmartLink WiFi Specifications